Canines 2 Confidence

Mission Statement:

Our mission at Canines 2 Confidence (C2C) is to rehabilitate those affected by PTSD by teaching them how to transition back into society through bonding with and training herding breed dogs to herd sheep. Through teamwork, trust, and mutual understanding, participants learn to herd sheep into pastures, pens, chutes, and trailers, with a herding dog to perform real jobs on a working ranch. These tasks teach them focus, patience, and confidence.  We teach them how to set real goals and achieve them, finishing what they start, while learning how to operate as a team.

Thank you Scott Glen for another excellent clinic this year! Can’t wait for the 2016 clinic. Again, congratulations to Scott and Don for winning the Nationals this year for the second time in a row.

Also, a very special thank you to Scott Glen from our veterans in the Canines 2 Confidence program. The veterans have all expressed so much gratitude and they are thoroughly inspired to continue healing through their sheep herding journey.  



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